Immersion Stage

Engaging a Team to Diagnose the Root Causes of Underperformance, Identify the Sources of the Resistance to Change, and Select Opportunities for Improved Performance

The Immersion into a deep dive diagnostic process is the direct result of recognizing that the initial change efforts in the Taking Hold stage (Wave 1) were either incomplete, the changes in the system resulted in the uncovering of other problems that were previously less obvious, or the changes created other unanticipated, undesirable outcomes in the organizational system that did not exist until the Wave 1 changes were made.
Learning Through Deep Dive Diagnostics in the Immersion Stage

Engaging Others to Take Ownership of the Diagnoses

In successful transitions, the wise executive engages talented teams of other executives and managers to conduct analyses and diagnoses into the root causes of the barriers to improved performance or the sources of resistance to desired changes in the business. Gabarro's research and our coaching experience both indicate that this is no time to become a "lone ranger." In fact, taking that role almost certainly leads to failure. Having more people looking at the same information, discussing its meaning, and arriving at similar conclusions is a powerful approach to gaining ownership and momentum. It also provides an opportunity for the new executive to influence how others are interpreting their diagnostic findings, attributing meaning, and arriving at conclusions. The design and facilitation of these diagnostic processes can be greatly enhanced by an experienced and skilled executive coach.

The other value of successfully engaging others to pursue these diagnostics is the opportunity for the transitioning executive to evaluate who in his or her organization, or in other relevant organizations, can take a fresh look at the business with a steely eye and bring problems to light in diplomatic ways that minimize resistance to change.  From a change management perspective, the new executive can begin to identify the critical mass of stakeholders who are "early adopters" who might be predisposed to supporting the changes, the likely "healthy skeptics" who will need to be constructively influenced, and the "ostriches with their heads in the sand" who hope this whole thing will blow over - but eventually will either remove themselves or will be removed.

A sample of these alternative (and optional) diagnostic processes which are tailored to each client's circumstances are introduced on the page - A Sample of Organizational Diagnostic Tools.

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