Three Waves of Change® Products and Services

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he Three Waves of Change® method of executive coaching and consulting is a unique suite of services and products designed to address the specific needs common to senior executives who are transitioning into a new job or role. The primary distinguishing characteristic of this suite of services is that it enables the accelerated iterative learning of the senior executive and his or her team beyond the typical focus on the first 100 days of transition. This iterative learning includes multiple types of assessments, diagnostic tools, and change management processes that enable the senior executive and his extended team to implement a series of organizational changes that ultimately result in improved sustainable business performance.

Depending on the client's circumstances, these services may include:

Individual Assessment of the Transitioning Executive

Pre-entry or early-entry assessment of the new executive's dominant personality and management style (collectively referred to as "momentum" in the Three Waves of Change® approach) which may potentially clash with the existing culture and recent perceptions and expectations of incumbent key stakeholders and opinion leaders. The assessment is intended to help the executive avoid or better anticipate and manage many of the clashes that will inevitably occur.

These assessments may include 360 degree assessments at key turning points in the transition process.These are progress evaluations of the transitioning executive's ability to establish credibility and begin to implement effective diagnostic and change processes.

Individual and Team Assessment of Key Members of the Executive's Team

These assessments include assessment processes to evaluate the person-job match for individuals and to ensure that there are the necessary complimentary roles and perspectives to enable a high performing executive team. These assessments supplement the ongoing assessment of each team member's abilities to manage the diagnosis and implementation of organizational change.

The development of the executive's team occurs as a result of continuously improving the ways in the which the team works together to diagnose and implement real changes in the business.

Organizational Assessments

A sample of organizational diagnostic tools that enable the executive to accelerate his or her transition and more effectively build a extended executive team who can improve the business' performance have been described in other pages of this website.

Coaching and Consulting on the Management of an Evolving Change Process.

The learning of the transitioning executive and his or her extended team is an iterative process which may adapt their focus, priorities, and approaches as a result of what is discovered the last iteration of change.

Best Involvement and Use of the Three Waves of Change® Coach

The typical time frames and sweet spots for when and how the coach and consultant can best accelerate the senior executive's learning is also described throughout the website.

Coming in the near future: Thee Waves of Change® ebooks and videos.

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